Secret Fresh Gallery 2017

ABOUT — Venturing into more creative possibilities in the integration of traditional art forms and new media, young Filipino contemporary artist Keb Cerda introduces his latest set of works as components of an augmented reality adventure game. Paintings turn into virtual playgrounds or battlefields where viewers can participate and perform actions through a mobile application developed especially for his works. Each piece represents a stage of a game, progressing and culminating as the player completes tasks and collects bounties. The ultimate reward comes in the form of a catalogue and a limited edition toy sculpture from the artist. These explorations aim to take the interactive platform to another level in his artistic practice, and interlink the manual production of images to the language of digital technology.


In each of the scenes, the free forms produced by liquid represent a multitude of things. They can be deadly firearms, unforgiving bullets, lethal explosions, clouds of smoke and dust, or debris and shrapnel dispersing violently as aggressors hit and liquidate their targets. But mostly they bring to mind blood, of life flow spilling and draining out of bodies. Being rendered in bright colors, the harrowing effect of bloodbath images is diminished, reminiscent of how disturbing photographs of crime scenes are censored in media through the alteration of blood’s realistic color.


In presenting the dynamics of human aggression inspired by a game, Cerda once again baits the mind into reflections about warfare and recreation. A critique on how world leaders regard war as a game of sorts may underlie such creations, on one hand. On the other is a note, perhaps, of a wishful thinking that colorful and harmless liquids, instead of bombs and firearms, are the real-life weapons of war, saving humanity from all the fatalities it has for so long suffered and endured.