Secret Fresh Gallery 2019

ABOUT — Keb Cerda opens a new solo exhibition at Secret Fresh Gallery where he reveals more details of the world of Dahlia, a narrative he started to conceive in recent works exploring the fusion of visual art, science fiction, and gaming platform. Now envisioned by the artist as a full-length graphic novel, Dahlia’s adventures in a futuristic setting are given a glimpse through selected panels—still animated, participatory, and interactive through the intervention of a mobile application.


In this chapter called Dahlia and the Lost Lamb, the world has been overtaken by artificial intelligence in the form of bots, represented by floating volumes of cubes and spheres bearing with light, hovering over entire views of cities. Citizens are oblivious of the impending danger, as their visions are masked by virtual reality glasses they are wearing, trapped in an illusion or fantasy. An accident causes Dahlia’s VR glasses to glitch, and she stumbles upon the unfiltered reality around her. She then embarks on a mission to save the world from a take over that would obliterate humanity.