My works are concerning more on the creative intellectual field of painting and some are about emotional, social and political matters. I compose my art to a psychological voyage intended to intrigue the viewer in many features of painting, at the same time, giving the viewer a worthwhile visual experience.

My paintings are studies in color and composition. I seek harmony in sepia and specific colors, complication of composition, and the old photo subjects. My method needs that these things should be arrange in a clean but unclear approach and at the same time, having an overall pleasant result. This is when the game begins to decide all these parts with no clarity but with as much sophistication and substance as possible. These issues often conflict over and over again in the process and my prize rests in getting solutions that work in an imprecise but harmonious manner.

Omniscope (Augmented Reality Mobile Application)

See beyond the painted canvas and discover my intervention to old photographs. Omniscope is an application that integrates my art with today’s technology-based platforms, adding another dimension to my project of reinterpreting visual records of the past through the language of the contemporary times. The use of Omniscope reveals new figures and images invisible when viewing the works through the naked eye, allowing the seemingly faithful reproductions of photographs to transform into interventions that offer a wide range of commentaries about politics, culture, and economy. The application is not a mere device or tool in viewing artworks, but an integral part in meaning-making and interpretation of art.



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